Smart Licensing & Satellite communication matrix

Smart Licensing & Satellite communication matrix

  1. Create a device tocken in satellite server.
  2. Go to the switch, there will be already a call home profile with tac-1
  3. Edit the current profile to point to the satellite server.
  • Enter command “ license smart register idtocken XXXXX   (tocken from first step)
  • Should register the device.

ip http client source-interface INTERFACE  à this is for source intreface on switch.

Below full steps to create a new profile if required.
  1. enable
  2. configure terminal
  3. call-home
  4. no http secure server-identity-check
  5. profile name
  6. reporting smart-licensing-data
  7. destination transport-method http
  8. destination address http url
  9. destination preferred-msg-format {long-text | short-text | xml}
  10. active
  11. exit
  12. exit
  13. ip http client source-interface interface-type interface-number
  14. crypto pki trustpoint name
  15. revocation-check none
  16. end
  17. copy running-config startup-config


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